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Handcrafted in California, bronzed, 13″ tall. Includes candle cup for taper or coach candles.

Collect These Bronzed Candle Holders
And Set The Tone.

candlestick Fellatio
Candle holder Fellatio on nightstand.
These bronzed candlesticks are reproductions of my original, limited edition bronzes. Each candlestick models a couple of nude lovers lost in giving and receiving oral pleasures.

These figurative sculptures are outfitted with a discreet candle holder and make an affordable, bold and personal statement. I dare you to collect them!

“As an artist, I try to move out of the society that would protect me, into the dark forest, into the world of fire, of original experience. I believe that as an artist, I must be willing to face trials and bring a whole new body of possibilities into the field of interpreted experience for others to experience.”

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Let these gorgeous sticks adorn your dining room, boudoir or bedroom and set the tone! As highly ornate candlesticks crafted in either coated or bonded bronze, they will spice up the romantic life between you and your partner! Erotic candlesticks they are.

candlesticks Fellatio and Cunnilingus
Candle holders Cunnilingus and Fellatio.
As bronzed candle holders, the sticks are crafted with fine bronze powder either coated onto or bonded into a resin core. The candlesticks may then be hand-burnished to a gallery-quality patina for the look of a much more costly, aged bronze.

“Like most artists, I have done many studies of the figure. Nowhere else but in the artist’s studio can we observe the naked flesh so totally, yet so innocently displayed. It is a wilderness experience captured and confined in the studio’s natural light.

The human form is not as colorful and varied as the creature world, but beautiful in shape and form. The model cannot imagine the depth of involvement of the artist’s erotic imagination.”

These reproductions of my original bronze candle holders are affordable when compared with foundry cast molten bronze, even though they have the looks and feel of nothing but bronze. Needless to say, these erotic candle holder sculptures make a remarkable gift.

candlestick Cunnilingus
Candle holder Cunnilingus on nightstand.
I believe that erotic art, like these candlesticks, might help lift a burgeoning relationship to the next level, and even mature relationships may need a little boost from time to time. Erotic art inspires passions. The candlesticks would set the tone for that intimate dinner. They might work miracles as bedroom decor. They could remind who’s turn it may be.

Coach candles as well as typical taper candles will fit these candle holders.


Collectors say that Erotic Bronze Is Classy

Candle Holder #2 Cunnilingus
Candlestick Cunnilingus, bronzed with burnished patina, 13″ tall. Coach or carriage candles will fit.

Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures; a cast bronze sculpture is often called simply a “bronze”. Typically modern bronze is 88% copper and 12% tin. The great civilizations of the old world worked in bronze for art, with the Greeks the first to scale the figures up to life size.

Making bronzes is highly skilled work, and a number of distinct casting processes may be employed, including lost-wax casting.

The ancient Chinese knew lost-wax casting, and in the Shang Dynasty created large numbers of Chinese ritual bronzes, ritual vessels covered with complex decoration, which were buried in sets of up to 200 pieces in the tombs of royalty and the nobility. Over the long creative period of Egyptian dynastic art, small lost-wax bronze figurines were made in large numbers; several thousand of them have been conserved in museum collections.

Affordable compared to gold or other precious metals, bronze is arguably the most appealing and enduring metal used for sculptures.


Imagine What These Evocative Sticks Can Do For You

Candle Holder Fellatio #1
Candlestick Fellatio, bronzed with burnished patina, 13″ tall. Coach or carriage candles will fit.

As sculptures, the bronzed candle holders are my creations.I created the “Erotic Candlesticks” – as I called them – in 1978 and had them cast in bronze at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California. Eventually, the protective plasters containing the original urethane molds were left in storage at Artworks Foundry.

Nearly forgotten by me and my family, the molds necessary to have the candlesticks cast again were recently recovered and evaluated. My daughter found that the original molds are still in usable conditions after all these years.

These erotic candlesticks are always found on the dinner table in my house. As icebreakers, they often inspire awesome conversations between my guests and me.

Whether you are a cunnilingus or a fellatio aficionado, or perhaps exploring possibilities, just imagine what that pair of candlesticks can do for you!


The art that you choose to enhance your home is a reflection of your personal style. It’s important to select pieces that not only contribute to the décor and feeling of the room that they will be displayed in, but which bring you enjoyment when you look at them.