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Erotic Candlesticks, 1978, bronze, 13" tall
Original Bronze Candlesticks Fellatio & Cunnilingus, 1978, 13″ tall.

San Francisco artist Harriet G. Moore created the famed, bronze “Erotic Candlesticks” sculptures in 1978.

This site, eroticcandlesticks.com, offers an open edition of bonded bronze reproductions to interested parties.

Harriet sold the master bronzes over a decade ago. However, the master molds had been stored at ArtWorks Foundry in Berkeley, California, where the original candlesticks were cast in bronze.

Almost forgotten, the original molds were retrieved in 2015 by a daughter of Harriet’s (duly appointed as conservator). The master molds were found to be still in usable conditions.

“Mother told me she would love for the candlesticks to be cast again and made available to all admirers.”

Authorized by Harriet, and to honor her life and work of an artist, her family is casting bonded bronze sculptures. The proceeds from the sale of these pieces will help raise funds in support of Harriet’s medical conditions.

You now can own and display a decorative reproduction cast of the erotic candlesticks in bonded bronze.

Please contact the artist’s family if you wish.