Bronze Coated Art

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Bronze-coated Sculptures at Affordable Prices

Erotic Candlesticks
Pair of Erotic Candlesticks, bronzed, 13″ tall without coach candle.
The bronze-coated process is less involved compared to foundry casting of molten bronze (lost wax process). As such, a bronzed piece is much more affordable and therefore much more accessible for the public.

However, there is a slight difference between art pieces promoted as bonded or cold-cast bronze and bronze-coated art. It may be hard to distinguish one method from the other when looking at a sculpture.

Our candlesticks can be had as either bonded bronze or bronze-coated variants. Both the bonded bronze and the bronze-coated method are ideally suited to produce entertaining, decorative sculptures at affordable prices. The bronze-coated candlesticks are a bit less expensive than the bonded bronze candlesticks as the process of crafting them is a bit simpler.

The finished sculptures have a surface which looks and feels very similar to a traditionally “hot cast” bronze (molten bronze), although the sculptures tends to be a bit lighter.

Bronze-coating is modern technique of casting sculptures in which the casting material is a resin coated with sufficient amounts of powdered bronze to give the sculpture the look and feel of solid metal. The coating we apply is a natural blend of a durable, non-hazardous acrylic binder with plenty of fine bronze powder sheered in.

  The bronze-coated candlesticks offered on this site are hand-crafted in California. However, the candlesticks can be crafted via any of the other two methods. Please contact us to inquire about on-demand casting.