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Fellatio makes your dreams come true…

erotic candlestick fellatio #1
Candle holder Fellatio, bronzed with patina.
Yeah, in the end it is about your dreams come true. Not about “their” dreams, but your dreams. Sure, reciprocity is a best strategy. But the end cannot be any other than your dreams.

All of us have dreams, and it is up to each one of us to make them come true. So, hold on to your dreams and fellatio a little.

candlestick Fellatio
Candle holder Fellatio on nightstand.

Candlesticks, bronze coated

The cores of our bronze-coated candlesticks are hand-cast in Smooth-On's Mold Star 15 platinum silicone. After demolding, the resins are then hand-coated twice in Sculpt Nouveau's Bronze "B" Coating. This coating is a natural blend of a durable, non-hazardous acrylic binder with plenty of fine bronze powder sheered in. The foundation is hand-burnished with brown wax to a gallery-quality patina. Included brass candle cup grommets hold taper or coach candles. The rich bronze coating gives the candlesticks a tough yet non-hazardous layer as well as the beautiful appeal of foundry-cast bronze at a fraction of the costs.